Technology and CX Advisory Services
Technology and CX Advisory Services
Technology and CX Advisory Services

Grow and sustain your business in the face of increasing complexity, new regulations and rising costs.

TopCat is your Technology and Customer Experience independent reviewer. 

Reduce Costs – Minimize Uncertainty – Simplify complexity – Gain Clarity on What’s possible – Increase peace of mind

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The Energy Transformation is taking place and accelerating, along with significant changes in governanace and regulatory requirements.   Your sector is moving in this direction, and that change will also accelerate.  Funding opportunities are available

More important now than ever, positive customer experiences promote loyalty, help you retain customers, and encourage brand advocacy. Customer Experience is driven by Emloyee Experience and Technology Experience.   CX=EX=TX

Gain deeper insight into your technology costs and effectiveness with high-level and detailed assessments and/or audits , tailored to your needs and concerns across your Information and communications technology and your operational technology