Is your business ready for the new normal?


COVID-19 has triggered an accelerated transformation in remote workforce and the IT systems that support your business.  A short-term approach will create unplanned IT spend in the face of continuing uncertainty. 

Businesses need to prepare now for more uncertainty going into 2021 and beyond.

You need to be ready for increasing levels of remote and distributed work.

Transitioning IT funding from CapEx to a well-informed OpEx spend for managed services will free up capital and help you respond quickly to your core business needs.

Strategies include:

  • Move on-premise IT systems to managed data centers
  • Control Cloud spend (reduce or eliminate egress bandwidth fees and move to a more predictable billing model for Cloud IT services).
  • Reduce vendor lock-in and long-term contracts with cloud, telco and other providers – move to more flexible, consumption-based IT procurement models
  • Ensure data security and compliance while using managed services

TopCat can help you understand these strategies and move to an economically transformed infrastructure that is built for growth and sustainability

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