Our approach is simple and customized to your business’ specific needs, regardless of where you are now on your Customer Experience journey.

When working with TopCat the first step is a free and confidential consultation on the present state of your Customer Service and Support operations, or on your planned or considered new start-up, merger, or acquisition. If after the free consultation you and TopCat both feel that there is fertile ground for working together, then TopCat will provide you with a proposal.

Key findings from the assessment are compiled in a confidential report, along with our recommendations. A knowledge transfer session follows, at which we present and discuss the findings and recommendations with you. We can then help you to formulate go-forward planning. 
The recommendations are at your discretion to implement or not. TopCat can provide or facilitate the services recommended, or they can be addressed internally or by partners.,


  • Greater Revenue Growth
  • Reduced Expenses
  • Enhanced Business Reputation
  • Enhanced Employee Experience
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Decreased Employee Turnover
  • Happier & More Loyal Customers
  • More Repeat Business
  • More New Business Referrals