Energy Strategy Checklist
What should be in an energy strategy?
Energy Strategy Checklist
What should be in an energy strategy?
Energy Strategy Checklist
What should be in an energy strategy?

Energy Strategy checklist for the Industrial, Commercial, Governmental and Educational sectors

Energy strategy is a deep and complex topic, but this checklist shows the key concepts at levels readily understandable to enterprise leaders and actionable at that level.


1. Limiting Traditional Energy Costs

Energy Efficiency
Demand Limiting
Power Quality
Structural Integrity
Storm Hardening

2. Riding the Clean Energy Transformation

Choice of Energy Sources
Onsite Power Generation
Battery Storage

3. Walking the Line

Control and Protection Systems
Governance and Regulatory Compliance
Environmental and Social Governance
Cost/Benefit Balance
Ongoing Adaptation and Improvement

Your sector is moving in this direction, and that change will also accelerate.  This is a time when funding opportunities are available and the need for cleaner energy has never been more clear.

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