Power Quality Conditioning

Improving Power Efficiency, Control and Reliability


Benefits – Cost Reduction, Performance, Scalability and Safety

      • Lower Utility Bills
      • Reduce Power Losses
      • Increase capacity and life expectancy for existing equipment
      • Lower energy costs and physical footprint for new construction
      • Improve facility performance with distributed demand rotation
      • Less stress and extended life on power distribution systems
      • Minimize heat in motors, transformers, conductors, etc.
      • Lower CO2 emissions
      • ROI’s of four years or less
      • State of the Art Monitoring and Reporting with Automatic Alerts

Features (individual or in combination)

      • Dynamic Power Factor Correction
      • Demand Limiting
      • AC Power Surge Protection
      • Data/Signal Surge Protection
      • Arc Flash Protective Relaying
      • AC Power Cleansing – Noise Filtering

Types of Clients

      • Large, Medium and Small Businesses
      • Data Centers
      • Office Buildings
      • Manufacturing
      • Utilities
      • Schools & Universities
      • Government & Municipalities

For more information on Power Quality Conditioning,
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